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Muay Thai Namman Cream

$14.00 AUD

Mauy Thai cream Namman 100grams, rub on before training Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing.  

Muay Thai boxing cream pain reliever condition : brand new, sealed, never open size : sizes 30 grams muay Thai boxing cream (in Thai: nam man muay) imuay Thai boxing cream is the well known very popular analgesic cream brand "nam man muay" from Thailand. This unique massage cream is used by Thai boxers, kick boxers and athletes around world. It's a must for any training session or competition providing that warmth to relax the muscles before or after any strenuous exercise.

Many practitioner that currently use this product all know that it is a necessity before any serious fight. You just simply rub/massage it into your muscles and before long you'll warm up those muscles and open up your nostrils with that distinct odor, and you'll be ready for action.

This product can be used as a warm up tool or simply apply to those tired, aching or mildly injured muscles. Indicated for relief of: muscular aches arthritic rheumatic pain strains sprain directions: apply boxing cream all over the body as a pre-sport warm up and gently massage, then re-apply after sport or strenuous activity to loosen tight muscles or for pain relief.

Apply boxing cream as an injury treatment at least 3-4 times a day to the stiff or painful areas and gently massage. Contra-indications: not to be used on infected and/or injured areas of skin. Active-ingredients: methyl salicylate 10.2 percent menthol 5.44 percent eugenol 1.36 percent side-effect: there are no known side-effects.