The highest quality, authentic Muay Thai gear. Highly recommend their products! 
Gav Mihai - WOTM Customer

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves WOTM

$149.95 AUD

Suitable for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, Kickboxing training

Made in Thailand using premium high quality leather!

Available in 4oz for kids, 8oz & 12oz for training & 16oz for sparring 

High Quality Thai Leather boxing training gloves  

WOTM also has some great Muai Thai fight gear that are definitely worth checking out. Australian brand and the best authentic Thai quality. I can't recommend them enough!

Luke Weatherstone

If you love Muay Thai get on to WOTM, great content and the training gear is top quality and the designs look awesome. Can’t wait to see what else they bring out I’ll be ordering up some more shorts.

David Muller

Recently purchased some of there gear was stoked with how good the quality is plus the quick delivery, wouldn’t use anything else.

Chad Mitchel


Super dense impact resistant multi-layer gel integrated padding over knuckle-side with added block padding over wrist and thumb padding will offer you the protection to train harder and reach your goals.

The powerful material gives better safety to keep your hands innocuous, deflect damage.


Upgraded Engineered Leather provides advanced crack resistance for unmatched gloves longevity.

This fabricated designs keeps your palms smooth and comfortable. The palm of the glove is fitted with Mesh that keeps the hand dry , ventilated.